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I just felt like sharing a little positive message and (some of) my thoughts. I rambled about some little things and probably ended up not making sense but I hope this makes at least one person smile :)

There’s been a lot of negativity going around lately so I just thought I would (try to) spread some positivity! Hope this makes anyone smile and don’t forget, YOU are beautiful ❤️


@mccarya: We’re coming for you, Dallas. #SouthLake #airportselfie #allday @dovecameron


@mccarya: We’re coming for you, Dallas. #SouthLake #airportselfie #allday @dovecameron

Anonymous said:
I just saw the post you made asking about braids and I think you should definitely try a milkmaid braid, you'd look great

thank you so much love <3

You can do it, Kira. Be a  v i x e n

Anonymous said:
You've probably already thought about this but what about Zoe's Katniss inspired braid, I think it would really suit you x

Thank you love! I’ve tried it before (and it’s quite hard to recreate ahah) but i didn’t want to recreat something from a video you know? That’s why I asked for tv show characters or models or random pictures! But thank you so much for your idea ❤️

Anonymous said:
For the video you want to do with braids, I don't know if you've seen/heard about the 'allthingshair' channel. Youtubers like Zoe and Tanya do hair styles on there and you could maybe find a braid you like on there. An idea would be a waterfall braid if that appeals to you. I hope I helped x

Yeah I know about it but it’s a “how to do” hairstyles channel so I didn’t want to use it has a base because it’s already there ya feel

But thank you so much ❤️

*dad watches tv till midnight* totally fine, no problem at all.

*i stay on the computer till midnight* so disrespectful, such a rebel kid.

guys guys guys

okay so a while ago someone requested me to do a braid video and i really liked the idea because i want to try new things with my hair!

i already have 2 in mind but i wanted to include at least 3 or 5.

soooo, if you guys know about any hairstyle (that includes braids) from any tv show character, or a model, or any random picture you found that i could try and recreate, could you link me/submit? i’d love you and bake you 3 cakes thank you <3

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