Anonymous said:
would you rather meet george or zoe? :)

u’re so unfair i don’t like u

I’d rather meet Zoe because she is my role model and inspiration and everything and even if George inspires me a lot it doesn’t compare to Zoe

Anonymous said:
Theres a really really bad storm in Brighton, some part even flooded i hope zoes ok

I hope everyone in Brighton is okay!


YOUTUBE MEME: [3/3] → ships

↳ zalfie

Anonymous said:
He wasnt implying zalfie break up he tweets this things all the time and i dont thing zoe makes him unhappy

Of course Zoe doesn’t make him unhappy. Alfie is the happiest when he is with Zoe.

Anonymous said:
hi you seem like really nice and cute and we're not the same age or anything but if we were it would be so awesome to have a friend like you! :)

Just because we’re not the same age it doesn’t meant we can’t be friends omg I have younger and older friends ahah 💕

Anonymous said:
What was Alfie's tweet that made everyone go mental? I can't find any tweet of his that would even look like he was implying that Zalfie was breaking up!!

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