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Anonymous said:
tysm its such a relief to know that someone would accept me for who i am, and i hope soon ill be brave enough to tell my friends and family. thank you and i love you <3

Seriously if we don’t judge a woman for loving a man WHY should we judge a woman for loving a man? LOVE IS LOVE! I’m here for you buddy ❤️

Anonymous said:
how would you react to a friend telling you they were bisexual? what would you say to them? im scared

Personally I wouldn’t understand why they were scared

Like seriously I don’t understand why society has made it to be such a big deal like BUDDY YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE THATS WHAT I STAND FOR!!!! LOVE!!! I don’t care if the person has a vajayjay or willy LOVE WHOEVER YOU WANT THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU ANY LESS HUMAN!!!! ❤️

Anonymous said:
This really doesn't matter and I don't judge but I was just curious as to what your sexual orientation is




YOU are beautiful | Daniela

I just felt like sharing a little positive message and (some of) my thoughts. I rambled about some little things and probably ended up not making sense but I hope this makes at least one person smile :)

There’s been a lot of negativity going around lately so I just thought I would (try to) spread some positivity! Hope this makes anyone smile and don’t forget, YOU are beautiful ❤️

Omg thank you SO SO much guys! ily 🐒❤️

Omg thank you SO SO much guys! ily 🐒❤️

Anonymous said:
allison and lydia's braided hairstyles from teen wolf!

I tried some today and it may be in a future video 😁😁😁

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